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How can a juggler co-create in collaboration with plants?

How can juggling evidence and work with plants agency?

In what ways can this type of multispecies circus making shift human perception of plants in our city and beyond?

Motivation and aim

In the face of the climate crisis, this project is motivated by the by the impending need to change the way we perceive and relate to the ‘more-than-human’, focusing on reshaping human-plant relationships in urban spaces. Through juggling I am looking to engage with plants as active collaborators in my work and present them as active subjects, rather than mare decorative objects in the landscape. 

how i am working

The academic field of Critical Plant Studies, the study of Public Space discourse and Circus Arts all intersect in this project. Through this investigation I am working within these fields to discover practical methods that allow me to collaborate with plants. To accomplish this I have created juggling exercises, undertaken theoretical analysis, interviewed experts and collaborate with fellow jugglers.

Research Outcomes


I am currently creating a catalogue of methods and prompts that can act as an useful guide for ‘plant-juggling’ for anyone with an interest in plants or juggling, or both!. You can find drafts of the first two volumes of the catalogue here.


Containing all the media materials from the research and explanatory text. The first showing of this exhibition will occured at the end of June 2022 at Sea Fundation in Tilburg.


I have developed a workshop as an introduction to juggling in collaboration with plants. The workshop covers different methods to approach and engage with your plant partner through juggling technique.


More to come...
Watch this space!

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