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Under the light of 65 torches, using a unique blend of circus skills and spoken word, Valentina will take you on a reflective journey through the homes we all share; a body, a planet, a universe. From chipping the nail on your smallest toe to tripping over the ever-present force of gravity, we all make mistakes. In this charming performance, through playful audience interaction and striking visuals we begin to see these homes- and the flaws that accompany them, in a whole different light.

This show was made as part of The Bull in a China Shop Project.

The Bull in a China Shop Project is a circus research project formed by 2018 Circomedia BA graduates Valentina Solari and Fiona Salisbury and encompasses both their bodies of work. 


They use trapeze-juggling and tightwire to joyfully disrupt the classical circus performer approach towards; dominance over equipment and desire for success. They are interested in how circus represents a wider cultural metaphor for establishing dominance over the human body and the environment around us (defying gravity, controlling objects) and how perhaps that metaphor needs to be updated in favour of something more collaborative and wobblier.

This is multidimensional project that seeks to research, create and teach different artistic development methodologies, as well as create interactive circus-theatre performances.

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